a female dental assistant with the female dentist working on a patient

Why Become a Dental Assistant

Dental assistants are an important part of any dental office. They perform a variety of tasks, including working with patients, sterilizing instruments, and preparing dental materials. In addition, dental assistants may be asked to take dental x-rays or impressions. They also may be responsible for records management and oral health education. They help keep the office running smoothly and ensure that patients receive the best care possible. You can even find many role model dental assistants working around Nevada and dental emergency Las Vegas can point you to the right direction.

There are many reasons why many aspire to become dental assistants, here are five:

A Rewarding Position

Dental assistants want to help people, most who are passionately in the health care sector do. They play a vital role in providing dental care to patients. They help keep patients comfortable and provide support to the dentist during treatments. If you ask a couple of them who really love their job, most would say that they love the customer service and how it would make them feel good to see their patients smile.

A Satisfying Work Environment

They want to work in a friendly environment. Dental offices are often busy, but they are also friendly and welcoming places to work. Dental assistants have the opportunity to help people every day, get to know their patients, interact with them and often develop close relationships with them. They also get to see the final results of their work and know that they helped make a positive impact on someone’s life. This sense of satisfaction is what keeps many dental assistants coming back to work day after day.

a female dentist and her female dental assistant in a clean working environment

A Continuing Career Path

Dental assistants are constantly learning new things. They learn about dental procedures, how to keep the office running smoothly, and how to provide the best care for patients. Working as a dental assistant offers opportunities for career growth. Also, Many dental assistants move on to become registered dental hygienists or dentists. Dental assisting also offers opportunities for personal enrichment which allows them to develop strong communication skills as they work with patients.

A Thriving Practice

The dental assisting field is growing rapidly. It is estimated that employment will grow by 19 percent from 2016 to 2026. Dental assistants also earn competitive salaries—the median wage for dental assistants was $37,590 in 2017 and 38,660 in $2021.

The demand for dental care is also increasing as more and more people are becoming more aware of the importance of oral health, which is essential to overall health. Dental assistants are there to meet the needs of this growing population.

Job Security

Dental assistants enjoy good job security. There is a great deal of job security in dental assisting. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that dental assistant positions will grow by 18 percent between 2016 and 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. This growth is largely due to the increasing demand for dental services caused by the growing population and their dental needs. As more people require dental care, the number of jobs for dental assistants will increase as well.


Becoming a dental assistant is a great way to enter the dental field. Dental assistants are in high demand and can find work in many different settings. They also learn many of the skills they need to become dental hygienists. This means that if you decide you want to move up in the dental field, becoming a dental assistant is a great way to do it.