Frequently Asked Questions: Pertaining to the Written and Law & Ethics Exams:

Q:Will this course fully prepare me for the RDA Written Examine- Even in my weakest areas?

A: In this seminar, we cover all subjects on the RDA Written Exam so that you are fully prepared to pass the exam. Three weeks prior to the exam, you will be provided with a workbook filled with questions covering each subject on  the exam. Answering the multiple choice questions for all subjects will give you a clear picture of how prepared you are to be successful.

Q: "Do I really need to take a review course?" I have been in the field for a number of years! If I study a bunch of questions that may be on the RDA Exam, I probably will pass, right?

A: I would strongly recommend to take a review course, especially if you don’t attend continuing educational courses. Remember, this is a State Board Test and the Board of Dental Examiners will make sure you know how to take care of the patient properly.

Studying a bunch of questions much like those on the RDA Written Exam will not help you so you need to study: 

To define study-
Research or a detailed examination and analysis of a subject.

To apply oneself to acquiring a knowledge of (a subject).

To examine or investigate carefully and in detail.
To endeavor to learn or memorize.

As you can see, no part of this definition says study questions only and you will pass.

Q:A frequent comment we hear when a person call us,  and has not taken a review course is "I already took the written and failed." I only missed it by 3!

A:The number of correct answers required to pass the written examination is 98 which equates to a 70% (98/140=70%). So when you missed it only by 3 you really missed 45 questions or more. There are 15 pre-test questions that are included in the 155 multiple choice questions; these answers do not count towards the final score. 

Q: What is included with your course?

  • A 2 day Seminar led by a veteran RDA Instructor (both days are 12 hours)
  • Pre-homework---Workbook will be given ahead of time to have you test the knowledge you do know and the information you don't know. It's not a requirement, but it's a good start.
  • Text Book- That has current information that will help you study.
  • Instrument Book
  • Access to online Course-
  •  Homework after our seminar: labeling exercises, 
    quizzes, tests and other resources that will assist 
    you in passing the RDA Written
  • An Online instrument learning resource which helps you to 
    identify instruments and their function 
  • Tutoring is available after the class by appointment, through skype/facetime

We have enjoyed being a part of a very high passing rate among our students, please read a few of our testimonials. We will do everything we can to help you become an RDA, but you will need to apply yourself and commit to study.

Questions pertaining to the Practical Examination

Q: If I have been working in the field for several years and making temporaries , do I really need a preparation class?

A: Working on Patients and working on a Typodont is very different. The materials set up differently. The Dr. you work for, grades it differently because he knows the crown will be back in 2 weeks. The Dental Board has the grading criteria you will need to meet to pass this exam.

Q: I have been working in Oral Surgery, Ortho,  and or Pedo office, this exam can't be that hard, can it? 

A: Yes, the exam is hard. If you work in a speciality practice, you need to take a class to help you prepare for this exam.

Q: Why do you think that a 2 day class is better than a 1 day class?

A: In 2014 there was a very high percentage of people who failed, including people in my class. I was pretty upset and almost gave up teaching classes to prepare for the practical exam. I was encouraged by my students, who failed to do more research to see what the Dental Board expected. I went to Dental Board workshops and meetings.  I interviewed Dr.s who taught a UCLA, USC etc.... The conclusion more practice, problem solving, time management, and repetition is necessary to make a perfect product. At the end of my 2 day class if I don't think you are ready, I will do what I can to help you get ready. I have several options to offer you. If you don't give up, I won't either. If I don't think you need a 2 day program I will let you know, I don't want to waste your time or money.