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Irma Galang
September 19, 2014
I am an RDA now because of Zena. At first I had a second thought of taking her class because it was a bit expensive,  but after attending her's really worth it and I told myself this is my "investment". I am so grateful that I chose her to be my instructor because she is so passionate, dedicated, kind, and generous to her students. She has a small class so she can pay attention to everyone, she will discussed everything that you need to learn to pass the exam. Everything was organized and the food was great too. Just listen to her advice and 100% of you will pass the exam, that is why I recommend her to my friends and co workers who wants to be and RDA.
Again, Thank you Zena for everything!

Alexandra S.
I had gone to both seminars offered and rented the kit for my RDA practical exam. Both were fantastic. Both the seminars for the written and practical exams are set up to be a smaller student-teacher ratio (about 10-1). I couldn't find the time for a dental school, so I was testing into becoming an RDA after 3 years of dental assisting. I must have learned a lot from the teacher, Zena, because I passed my written and practical exams! As for the kit, it was perfect. The J & Z team arrived over 2 hours before the exams so that we can go through all of the equipment on the check list for quality, set up, and put away everything with plenty of time to get checked in by the Dental Board examiners. Zena individually is a great teacher because she will offer extra time after the seminar if you need to keep practicing or go over anything again.
Edilynn Tabuyo
July 28, 2014
I am officially an RDA! Thank you so much Zena for helping me build the confidence to know that I'd be able to pass. I took the RDA written seminar which was Sat/Sun 8:30am-8:30pm. It might seem long to most ppl, but it sure was worth every min of it thanks to Zena! I decided to take a seminar to refresh my brain after a yr of putting off the test & having graduated 4rm dental school. You might think "Oh the price is too much" but trust me you get what you pay for =). Look @ me. One week after taking the seminar & studying everything Zena told me to focus on I PASSSEDDD! Zena is such a sweetheart & she takes good care of you. I loved her passion for teaching us & if you don't know something she's sure to explain it very well in words you'd understand. Zena has such a funny & caring personality & she's a really good cook! She cooked dinner for us the 2 night of r seminar & even provided lunch, snacks & drinks the entire weekend. If you're looking for a brain refresher or if you've failed any of the RDA state exams i suggest you take her seminars! It really does benefit you if you're willing to putting in the studying as well! Thank you again soooo much Zena for everything!
Rudy C
I was trying to take the law and ethic exam and didn't pass it. I then took a prep class with Zena and she prepared me well. I was able then to take and pass my exam. I appreciated the class being taught well and also fun. I would recommend others to take her class as well.
  • Lauren W.
J and Z rental kits really helped me in taking my RDA practical exam. i decided to take Zena's seminar as well and found that to be very beneficial. During her seminar she was very helpful with all of us. She even stayed after to help anyone that needed the extra practice. Our kits were stocked with more then what we needed which was great when it came time for the actual exam. They made sure we checked off everything on our check off list that was provided so we knew what we had and were it was. Also my exam was held at 3 p.m. and she wanted us all to be there at 1 p.m. so she could go over everything and give us some pointers. Due to Zena and all of the J and Z staff, i passed my exam on the first try and would Highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take their RDA exam.
Jackie Andrade

July 2, 2013

To those of you who will be taking the RDA State Boards, I like to share with you my experience,

At first, I thought I can save money and felt confident that I could pass the RDA Practical State Board. I decided to take a mock exam with J and Z Dental Rentals & Clinical Seminars to test my abilities to pass.  Boy! Was I wrong….I ended up not doing well at all, I panicked under pressure and I did not know how to meet the Boards requirements in order to pass these procedures? The way I knew what was required was due to the fact that she showed us how both temporaries need to look, and mine did not look that way.  I decided to take the seminar for the practical exam, where the instructor taught us step by step on what you need to know in order to pass the practical.  What I was most impressed with is that the instructor does give you a one on one session, so you can focus on your specific needs, throughout the program.  Once you’ve completed the seminar, the instructor will give you a recommendation to let you know if she thinks you are ready and if you are not, she will work with you until you are.  Unlike most seminars where you take the class and that’s it.  You are done!

                  I had such a huge success rate by passing the Practical the first time that I decided to take J and Z seminar for the written exam.   Of course, I had the same success rate by passing the written and law and ethics the first time.  Let me assure you that it is worth every single penny.  It may seem expensive at first but you have to ask yourself …” What do I need to know in order to pass these exams so I can get my RDA license? and “Do I want to take it the first time and pass or chance it and see if I pass, only to take it 2 to 3 times, which at the end will cost you more money.

                  Bottom line, in my opinion, you get what you pay for and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better.  I ended up working at a dental office that pays what an RDA should get paid and made back the money I spent on these seminars with my first pay check and then some….

                  Thanks to J and Z for your awesome seminars.  It was well worth it.  I would recommend J and Z seminars for anyone who’s thinking about taking the RDA State board Exams.  If you have any doubts what so ever please feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns.

I rate this a five star!!! 

From: Monica Gonzalez
Date: Wed March 20, 2013

First and foremost, thank you so so so much Zena!! Honestly without your seminar I would if failed my written, again! After testing once and failing I decided I needed some serious and professional help! My friend referred me over to you and till this day I'm thankful I took her advice in taking your seminar. You went over EVERYTHING and then some. I felt confident and ready for my test & sure enough I passed! Yes, it's long & yes, it's an entire 2 long days. But it's so worth every minute & every dollar spent! Thank you Zena! I will definitely be referring all of my friends over to you!

- Monica


Subject:  Hi Zena!  

From:  Kelly Longchamps (  


Date:  Monday, April 23, 2012 6:34 PM  

Hi Zena, this is Kelly Longchamps. I rented a kit from you on Saturday April 14 for the RDA exam. I just got my letter in the mail and am happy to say I passed! I just wanted to thank you for your help! A lot of the girls in the test ran out of materials or dremmels ran out of battery and had to leave, so I am so happy that I went with you and was fully prepared. Also when I cemented my temp, I used your little trick with the emergency material and I really think that's what saved me!  So I just wanted to say thank you again, and if you need me to write a review for any site, let me know and I'd be happy to do so! :)

Subject:  To whom it may concern  

From:  Norissa Ramirez (  


Date:  Monday, April 23, 2012 9:33 AM  

 Dear colleagues,

Just wanted to inform you, that I have recently passed my RDA practical examination. One main reason why I passed this test was because Mrs. Zena delling's rda practical seminar. She is an excellent RDA she knows her stuff. She is very efficient skillful and one talented RDA. I highly recommend that any dental assistant take her 2 day practical exam prep course because you will definitely without a doubt pass your practical exam and zena will make sure of that. Thank you so much Zena you were such a big great help can't thank you enough. :)    


  Norissa Ramirez

  Newest RDA :)

Subject:  testimonial  

From:  lauren pizzuto (  


Date:  Thursday, June 7, 2012 3:56 PM  

My name is Lauren. Myself and my co-worker, Natalie, looked for days trying to find dental review courses on the Internet to help us with our written and practical RDA exams.  We had taken a course from a different agency for our sealant and coronal polishing certifications and were very disappointed by the instructor. It was more like she was after the money and she was very rude!  Then we found J and Z Dental, we were sceptical at first because of our past experience, but after reading the testimonials and speaking to Zena on the phone we felt good about the Class.  We went to the first course in November of 2011 which was for the written, it was amazing!!!! Just from walking into the class you can tell Zena cares about each and every one of her students, plus she makes us yummy food!! We learned so much in her course, we decided to take the her practical course in February of 2012 also!!  We both passed the Written and the practical exams the first time.. Also, the rental kit Zena provides at the Practical exam was perfect. She had everything we needed and everything was organized and labled so it was easy to find! We owe it all to ZENA! We would recommend everyone to take both of her courses!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and time Zena!!  You truly are an amazing instructor and person!!

We Love you!!

Lauren and Natalie

From: neveen kulato <>

To: Zena Delling <>

Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2012 6:23 PM


Hi Zena,

I've wanted to write you for a long time. I wanted to post a testimonial on your website and wanted to let you know I passed both examinations thanks to your help. I took your coarse last June and I always recommend you to anybody I meet, I just met some girls in a review course and recommended them to you, so hopefully they will join your class. It was such a great help to me so I just want to thank you for your service and help. So now I’m waiting for my license to come through, I’m very excited!!! Well I hope you’re doing good as well. Take care and hope to hear from you soon!


Neveen Kulato

Clelen C. Tanner, DDS

September 1, 2011

Make no mistake; the purpose of taking the RDA Exam is to pass it!!

Nobody takes it for the experience.  The best way to insure that one passes the RDA Exam is to take Zena Delling’s class through J & Z Dental Rentals  and Clinical Seminars.  Her classes are small, her interaction with candidates intimate and intense, and she knows all the tips-n-tricks to pass the exam.  I especially liked her secret 'tool' that greatly enhances successful completion of the temporary crown on tooth #8 and the DO IRM on #19.  Further, she has the best kit I’ve seen.  Her class is expensive, but you are far more likely to pass.  I know this because I am the first California licensed dentist to take the RDA Exam.  Trust me, it’s not that easy!  And although you may be very clinically competent, you will struggle with this exam.  And this goes for all you doctors as well!  To better insure your Dental Assistant passes the exam, and moves on to RDA, I strongly suggest J&Z Dental Rentals and Clinical Seminars.  I’ve taken other RDA Prep classes, and J&Z is light years ahead of the competition.

Clelen C. Tanner, DDS

September 1, 2011

Tiffany NguyenTiffany Nguyen

Dear Colleagues,

First of all, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to Ms.Delling for helping me to pass both Written and Practical RDA exams.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help, support, and guidance.  Hello everyone, my name is Tiffany Nguyen; I just passed RDA exams in April-2011. The only reason why I am writing this email is because I want You to pass the RDA exams, both the Written and Practical on your first time.  I took Zena’s training classes, both written and practical, because my class- mate, Sally, recommended her company.  She told me that Ms. Delling is a down-to- earth instructor. She would spend endless time with you and if she sees you have trouble making your temporary or your IRM does not have contact she will make every effort to help you. It does not matter what your problem is, Zena will help you to go through these exams without any doubt, without any worry. I took Sally’s advice and found out that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  In this life, we all have made a lot of mistakes and this is NOT the time for you to make the wrong decisions. This is YOUR CAREER, YOUR LIFE; I hope that you will make the right choice.  Welcome, my friends, I hope to see your entire names on the RDA’s dental board list, next to mine.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me, I would be more than happy to give you more information. My email address is: Good luck in your future career adventure!

Tiffany Nguyen

my testimonial

Thursday, November 18, 2010 3:07 AM

From:"ashley hancock" <>

My name is Ashley Hancock and I took a Registered Dental Assisting class in Riverside starting August 2009 and ending in June 2010. My schooling was very well taught and my teacher was an excellent teacher. I picked up most stuff ok but in the last week of school when we were doing practice tests for the RDA  exam I was not passing. I knew what I was doing wrong but I didnt know how to improve it. My temporary acrylic crowns were ok but my sedative dressings were either too high, no contact, had cracks or weren't smooth enough. I tried over and over and I just wasn't improving. By the time school ended I felt helpless and not ready to take the state exam in just a few weeks. Zena had come to our school a few weeks prior to talk to us about kit rentals and prep classes. I gave her a call and she told me about the prices and dates for the classes. The cost of the class was kind of overwhelming to me at first but I decided to just go for it because there was no way I would be ready to test without some additional help. Zena was very flexible and allowed me to make a couple payments so that it was more affordable for me. And let me tell you her class was WORTH EVERY PENNY! Zena is a wonderful, very sweet, very helpful teacher. She genuinely cares about the success of each student. She took time to spend one on one with each person in her class and went step by step, showing me techniques and what I needed to do to fix my filling to make it ready to pass. Not only is she a good teacher but she is an awesome person. She spoils her class with tons of yummy snacks! She made yummy food for all of us and made sure we had plenty of it! :) She is a wonderful lady to talk to about school, life, anything. I love Zena and I'm so glad that I decided to take the class because with Zena's help I passed my state exam to become a Registered Dental Assistant and now work in a Dental office and I love it! Thank you Zena for your time, your patients, your care and your skillful teaching. You are a wonderful lady and I am blessed to know you.


Ashley Hancock



Sunday, November 7, 2010 3:29 PM

From:"Linda Lenning" <>

After attending the weekend seminar, I was well prepared to take the exams, and  passed them all on the first attempt. I do not believe I would have done nearly as well had I not taken the seminar. I enjoyed every aspect of this program and was pleasantly surprised as to how much Zena truly cares about each and every individual student. She did not just teach, she took us under her wing and really nurtured us. This seminar is well worth the investment.  Zena not only armed me with all the information I needed, but with confidence as well.  It felt great walking into the exams excited and relaxed instead of anxious and nervous. I would highly recommend this program and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to attend. She filled our heads, hearts and tummy's.  Thank you , Zena

                                                                Linda Farias, Rancho Santa Margarita  

                                                                   November 7, 2010

Thank you!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010 10:02 PM

From:"" <>

To:"Zena RDA Instructor" <>

I wanted to write in and comment on how impressed and very happy I was with the instruction from Zena Delling.   I took both RDA seminars for the written and practical exams.  She knows exactly what she’s talking about and is highly educated in this field.  I love how she made sure she met the needs of every one of her students.  In doing so, she provides her students with all the necessary tools and techniques to pass their RDA exam.    From beginning to end her course rocks!  I don’t believe the outcome of my test (passed both on the first try!!!) would have been the same had I not taken Zena’s course!  Thanks to her course I was able to pass both of my RDA exams on the first try!  Follow her instructions, pay close attention and always listen to her recommendations and advice!  You won’t regret it!  Awesome courses with perfect preparation!  I highly recommend taking Zena’s course!

Re: LOVE YA!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010 3:10 AM

From:"Johnisha Charles" <>

To:"Zena Delling" <>

Well everyday GOD shows me his love and favor and he definitely did it yet again when he led me to you Zena. You are truly one of a kind and your love for

teaching, and most importantly teaching the RIGHT WAY, cannot be denied or go unnoticed. I have been to a number of other CE providers and you stand out.  When you say you're going to keep us for 8 hours...12 hours…whatever, you do this so you can teach us and guide us every step of the way. Your honesty is greatly appreciated and your tough love is such a blessing, because when something isn't right you made us do it again and again until it is perfect. The practical exam was definitely plaguing my mind and nerves and you made all that go away and WHEWWWW I PASSED!!!!  You are a role model to me in life and especially in this field of dentistry. I cannot wait until you offer more classes because I will definitely be in attendance!! I love you and I thank you for being YOU!!!!!  J and Z rental kits are the absolutely the BEST!! I hate to say this but I felt sorry for anyone who didn't have your kits. Your kits are the most thorough kits around......abundantly stocked, well organized, clean, up-to-date, and just plain nice looking!!! You are truly a one stop shop!!! There is NO NEED to go anywhere else. I look forward to learning from you again and again.

Johnisha C. Charles

~~Man has will, BUT WOMAN has her WAY!!  ~~

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 4:31 AM

From:"Elvia Estrada" <>

To:"Zenia Dwelling" <>

To all you single moms out there, after taking Zena's class. It was all worth it! I'm a single mom of three young children & money is very tight. I know that!! I took both practical & written seminar. I have no regrets. I learned so much, with Zena's lecture & her knowledge I was able to pass both practical & written seminar examination. Yay yay!!!

Elvia Estrada


"Tammy Flammer" <>

My name is Tammy Flammer & this is my testimony.  

I picked J & Z Dental Rental because it was the only company to offer a Combination Package however, I feel as though I have received so much more! Zena has been knowledgeable & supportive from the beginning & I went into my practical exam feeling confident & self-assured.  Her seminars are very informative & she takes the time to make sure you understand what the Board expects while making learning fun. The kit had everything I needed & was truly the  BEST KIT on the floor!  I watched clients of other companies have to continually leave the floor to replenish their kit supplies, and was relieved to know that my kit was more than adequate.  I passed my practical exam the first time taking it & feel that I made the best choice in J and Z Dental Rental.  Knowing that Zena will be by my side, I feel confident in passing the written portion as well.

Thank you for Everything!

Tammy Flammer

Friday, June 4, 2010 6:27 AM

From:"sarah galvez" <>

I would just like to share with everyone who is looking for a good review course to prep them for the RDA, a little about how much J&Z dental rentals has helped me.  I first took a course through another company to prep me for the practical in 2009, it was a 6 hour class and there were about 25 other students in my class.  The class size was just so big that a lot of time was wasted waiting for the instructor to go around and check every ones work. I left feeling unconfident and sure enough, failed my practical exam.  The second time around I did a lot more research and came upon J & Z dental rentals. The class size was much smaller (about 10 students) and I got much more one on one attention. I am so thankful for finding this class! Zena was wonderful! She has so much patience and is so knowledgeable. She even stayed an hour after the class ended, to help me with one last thing I was having trouble on. Thanks to Zena I passed the RDA practical exam!  I am also taking her review course for the written exam next month and am confident that I will pass after her course with flying colors! Thank you Zena!


Sarah Galvez

My Testimony...

Sunday, May 2, 2010 10:02 PM

From:"Laura Miller" <>

I chose to use J and Z Dental Rentals because everything is included. The course, the practice mock run-throughs, and Zena by your side to help with whatever questions you may have. I traveled to Lake Forest from Upland (about 1 hour up north). It was well worth the drive. I was very confident going into the practical exam and recommend Zena's kits, practical exam course and written exam course as well. The kits are amazing! Everything you would possibly need is included and she goes over them step-by-step so you know exactly what you are doing.  My goal was to only take the practical exam once. I didn't want to have to re-take it. I passed the first time! I was confident because I took Zena's course. She is very thorough, patient, and kind. She wants you to know exactly what state board is looking for and teaches you strategies, helpful tips and things you can do to improve on your skills. Even though I passed my practical exam, I will still be able use the tools Zena have taught me throughout my career, not just at state board. Worth every penny! Believe me!


Laura Miller

RE: J and Z Dental Rentals Information

Monday, April 12, 2010 9:28 PM

From:"Diane Robinson"

Hi Zena,

This is Diane Robinson... I just wanted to write how well your class helped me in passing my RDA written exam and for other people that were thinking about taking your class I wanted to write something that maybe you can post on you website for people to see....My name is Diane Robinson... I had taken my Written RDA test already last year and failed it... I decided to study by myself for the exam and filled my brain with unorganized information.. I had read every page in my text book and overwhelmed myself... So when I went to go take my test I was very uncomfortable and my mind was going a million miles an hour.. At the end of the test I was devastated to learn I had failed the test and had to retake it... I had gone through J and Z Dental Rentals before to take my practical that I passed due to the kit I got from there.. I learned that they had a RDA written prep class that I could take to prepare me for my written exam.. I had called Zena and set up a date to take the class... It was kind of expensive in my mind and when she told me it was 2 twelve hour classes I felt like it sounded kind of long.... When I went to the class and meet Zena she was very out going and pleasant... The class was very fun and went by really fast so it didn't even seem like I was there for twelve hours... After you are there and see how much you need to learn for the test I was glad that we had that much time to learn everything.. Zena really organizes things so that it will stick in you head... I had taken my test soon after the class for the second time.. When I went this time to take my test I really felt confident taking the test this time unlike last time... The questions were easier to understand and all the information from Zena's class stuck in my head... I was so confident through the whole test, I was done an hour early and SURPRISE!!! Passed my test with flying colors... Zena's class was defiantly a great investment, fun, and I am kicking myself for not taking it before when I took the test the first time.. It is devastating when you work so hard through all those classes for a year at school, take the RDA test and fail.. It feels allot better being confident before you take the test and the feeling after you passed is a reward in itself... THANK YOU ZENA!!!


March 30, 2010  

Greetings Readers :)

Hands down, Zeña's JandZ Dental Rental kits & Seminars is an awesome Choice!!! :)  I'm so grateful for Zeña's instruction during her Seminars. The one-on-one experience Zeña gives to each person at her seminars is great! I was a dental assistant for two years, but learned on the job. Until Zeña, I never learned how to make a proper provisional (temporary). Before Zeña, I never knew how to work a matrix band properly for any tooth.  IRM placement is so simple, nowthat Zeña showed me the RIGHT way. With Zeña I gained the confidence I needed to pass my State Boards Practical :) & gained the necessary skills to improve at work and impress my boss & co-workers with the valuable knowledge I learned from Zeña in such a short time.  At the Practical State Board Exam, Zeña and her team were so helpful and her kit had everything I needed And More!!! Zeña's kit allowed me to be confident that I would not fail my Practical. Zeña prepares you for the proper test taking etiquette. She informs you ahead of time what will cause you to fail. Zeña gives you all the do's and don’ts of the practical. Zeña truly genuinely cares about each student she teaches. She provides an excellent professional seminar site and goes above and beyond for her students. I strongly recommend signing up for the combination of purchasing the combo including the rental kit, written seminars & practical seminars, to fully prepare you for what you need to pass and become an RDA. You truly get what you pay for. Not only does Zeña provide her students with a great seminar site and rental kit, but she also provides you with breakfast, lunch and snacks lol :) ! Bottom line, without Zeña, I would not have passed my RDA state boards practical. And because of her, I passed my practical on my first attempt. I also made a few new friends at Zeña's seminars.

Thank you Zeña!!!!! I could not have done it without you!!



March 30, 2010   


Sunday, January 3, 2010 6:53 AM

From:"Imelda Cainglet Arcilla" <>

Having just received my letter from the Dental Board announcing my successful passing of the Dental Examination, I am ecstatic. I can honestly say that this would not be possible without the assistance of J and Z Dental Clinical Seminars. I completed both my written and and clinical seminars with instructor, Zena Delling. She provided all the textbook, theory and clinical information I needed to pass the exam. Furthermore it was presented in a clear concise manner which was easy to comprehend. She showed professionalism and thorough knowledge of the subject matter, yet was very approachable and warm towards the students.  I would recommend this and any other seminars that J and Z Dental Seminars have to offer to anyone interested in learning more and broadening their knowledge base. It was a good value for what was received and worth every penny!!! Thank you Zena for all that you did for me.

God bless you!

Imelda A.Knoble

Mission Viejo

Gabriel S. Pavelsky



My name is Gabriel Pavelsky I recently passed the California State RDA Written and Practical Exams, August 2009. After I finished school at Riverside ROP and my Internship at the Loma Linda VA in the dental department, I felt very confident and ready to take the tests. However, unfortunately, the Written would not be offered for two months after and Practical another four. I took J and Z’s Written Seminar to brush up my skills before the test and I’m glad I did. We played instrument games that helped me during the RDA Written State Board. Zena covered all subjects that would be on the RDA Written State Board in detail. I am glad that I took the Practical Seminar. Zena Delling was so cool she saw that I had problems with the lingual margin on my provisional crown and had me keep practicing until I got it right and she even stayed late so I could practice a few more times. When I took the Practical Exam I rented my kit from J and Z, again I was very satisfied. I had every thing I needed just to be safe and I made two provisional crowns, picked my best one to use and still had material left over.


Gabriel S. Pavelsky


ZENA DELIVERS!!! When Zena says she is going to be there for you for whatever "you need" to help you succeed and pass your exam, SHE WILL!!! Each

individual has their own way of learning; some people need more hands-on instruction and others are fine with more verbal instruction. Zena makes sure that

she meets the needs of every individual in her class based on his/her way of learning!!! She is truly one-of-a-kind, because she delivers exactly what you need as a student to pass your RDA exam!!!  After talking with Zena one time over the phone, I decided to choose her to help me meet my goal of achieving my RDA license! She was very caring, personable and enthusiastic, and her goal is TRULY to help you succeed!!!  What Zena does to help you meet this very important goal that we all have is: She keeps her class small so she is able to give you more one-to-one help; Her class is 90% hands on and 10% verbal; Her way of teaching is very personable and attentive, and if you need extra help she's there for you; Plus, she covers everything you need to know from all angles so you finish her class knowing how to complete an anterior and posterior temporary!!! Zena's Grand Finale is a crucial part of her preparing you to pass the state board exam, which is three (or more, if needed) mock ups of the exam that takes you through the testing process step-by-step. You are timed, of course, from opening your kit to completing both temporary teeth! A grand finale at its best!!!  She also offers you a RENTAL KIT that has everything you need and extra, just in case! Again, Zena believes in covering all angles to help YOU SUCCEED!!!  This is the kind of teaching and instruction we all need to succeed!!! ZENA, "I (WE) APPLAUD YOU!" I just took my RDA Practical State Board, August 2009, and I passed!!!

God Bless You,


Thank you, you are the best!

Friday, July 17, 2009 9:49 PM

I am so thankful that I got the chance to meet Zena. She is a wonderful person, as well as a teacher and mentor and friend. She has such a great passion for dentistry and a passion for teaching it to other students. She is one of a kind and this world needs more people like her. She is so giving and caring and will do anything to help you better understand something.  I met Zena when I rented my RDA practical kit on February 8, 2009.  I'm so thankful that the other kit renter never returned my phone calls otherwise I would have never gotten the great opportunity of meeting her. Zena's kits are by far the best kits you can possibly rent. You have all the supplies you need plus more!  For example: Most rental companies give you 3 mixing tips. Zena's kits have so many mixing tips, 24 to be exact. When you rent kits through other companies, most will give you more mixing tips after you run out. This means that during your RDA Practical State Board Test, you have to get up and run all the way down the hall and down the stairs and get more tips hopefully there isn’t a line when you get there. That is precious time that you are wasting and the company is wasting for you. You don't want to go through a company like that. Zena has you check through your kit before the test to make sure everything is perfect for you. I went up to LA the night before my test and went to the college.  Zena was already set up and she was there. She gave me the opportunity to look through my kit the night before my test which was great. I was able to get a good night sleep the night before my test because I didn't have to worry about anything. She was right where she said she was going to be and her kits were outstanding! She pays close attention to detail when stocking her rental kits and everything she has in it is in top notch shape.  After having such a great experience renting my Practical Exam rental kit from her, I knew I wanted to attend her RDA written review course on July 10 & 11 2009. Zena's RDA written review course was an outstanding course! It was a 2 day course, we went over the homework we had previously done, played dental instrument games, and reviewed the whole book. There were 10 students total in the class which was very nice, all my questions got answered and I didn't feel like I was lost in a crowd which can happen when schools over book classes with up to 25 students. The hotel the class was held at was great as well, it was very accommodating. When I stayed the night at the hotel and they gave me 15% off my room rate as a courtesy to Zena’s students. Zena kept us very alert during the class by giving us plenty of breaks and bringing in many of her own goodies (food) from home to keep our brains going. Zena also provides you with access to an online web site where you can study and practice more for your RDA written test. I know this class is more expensive then the typical class, but you are going to get way more out of it then you would from the typical class. Wouldn't you rather pay a little more for an excellent class and pass your test the first time? If you go with the cheaper class you are most likely going to end up paying more in the long run because you will have to take the test several times before you pass. That is a lot of stress that I would do anything to avoid. Zena is like a friend to me and she is a wonderful person. She keeps you on track and makes sure you understand the homework, and calls to checks in with you. It shows that Zena is truly helpful because I don't have any general dental experience, I work in Ortho, and I didn't go to school. (Except Zena's class) and I passed both my Practical and my Written test the first time.  Thank you so much Zena for everything you did for me, and everything you do for everyone else. You are such a thoughtful giving person and I couldn't have done it without you!!

Thank you!



Tuesday, May 19, 2009 7:19 PM

From:"Leyla Saberi" <>

To:"Zena Delling" <>

hello, my name is Leyla Saberi and i have taken the written RDA unprepared with no materials and was not successful in passing.  So I took it upon myself to prepare for the test by taking J and Z dental rental's RDA written program and am so glad that I did.  It was worth every penny, Zena is an excellent teacher who keeps up on you to make sure you are studying to your full potential.  Her program includes a two day seminar which helps you prepare by learning visually and verbally in every way.  The tutorial online classes help you prepare with a series of quizzes which helped me practice with my weak points such as orthodontics.  Zena was there every step of the way to make sure I had every tool necessary and to make sure I kept on top of my studies.  She was so helpful as a teacher and as a friend in guiding me and giving me the confidence it takes to pass successfully, which I did.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in taking their dental assisting career to the next level.  This course is what made me able to pass this test and further my career as a Registered 

Dental Assistant.  

Leyla Saberi

My feedback.

Sunday, May 17, 2009 10:47 PM

From:"Vanessa Arevalo" <>

Dear Zena,

Let see where can I start. Well first of all, I want to truly thank you so much for your time and effort in believing in me and teaching me. My experience with you was phenomenal! The first time I took my practical exam, I said to myself "Since I been in the dentistry field for 2 years, I can pass this exam with flying colors".  Apparently, I was wrong! My 1st attempt, I took the RDA Practical Stateboard not knowing what I was thinking and doing at the time. I was totally confused. I thought I had it under control. When I got the letter from COMDA, I literally broke into tears. I just couldn't believe it. After I took your 2 day RDA Practical Review Seminar, I realized the mistakes I made the first time I took the RDA Stateboard. You taught me all the information and details to help me achieve my goals and they were details I never new about. My biggest problem was how to make a good temporary. I always had trouble with the lingual surface; I always had an open margin. I recommend your class to anyone who needs to get their RDA License. You’re the best instructor I ever met.

Because of you and taking your class, I passed my RDA Practical Exam.





Thursday, April 23, 2009 4:38 A

From:"Armita Fartash" <>

If you're looking for a mentor/instructor that KNOWS what they are doing and truly CARE about the quality of their work you must meet Mrs. Zena Delling! I was initially supposed to rent my kit from another renter and thankfully got Zena's number after the renter had told me all of his kits were taken for the time slot I was taking my RDA practical at USC. She was so energetic and bubbly on the phone and it made me feel at ease that my kit renter selection was perfect. Everything about the kit is so worthwhile. She keeps all the equipment in tip top shape and gives an excess amount of supplies. If you choose Zena's kits you'll take your test with a breeeeeeeze! That's exactly what you want during such a nerve racking experience.  Before taking the test I took Zena's class on the RDA practical exam because I did not feel as if I was 100% ready. She gives you so much one on one attention and makes you PERFECT the temporary crown and class II or you simply cannot leave! Seriously! I loved that about her, she truly cares about her students.  She also makes a mean turkey sandwich on your lunch break! In my RDA class I was never really taught the intricate details of a class II and temporary crown but in Zena's class, I made the most amazing looking temporary. I was so proud of it, I just had to take a picture of the temporary on my phone to show my RDA instructor. I could not have done this without Zena and her patience. She works with all her students with such a passion and concern. Even the people who seemed hopeless gained confidence with her support.  You can count on J&Z Dental Rentals and Clinical Seminars for any of your RDA needs. I could go on and on about Zena but now you know, you MUST pick this service, after all I passed my RDA Practical.  I hope this is going to be useful to your company Zena! Thanks for everything! I hope to keep in touch with you,

Armita Fartash

Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 06:03:24 +0900 (JST)

From:"luss drive" <>

Subject: testimonial

Hi Zena!

Yes, I passed the practical exam!!  At first I thought I did not need to take the class because this would have been the second time I took the exam after passing once.  But when the exam day got closer, I became nervous.  I had been practicing in my office, but my first exam was 5 years ago.  I called Zena for rental kit and talked her about my situation.  She gave me chance perform a trial test.  I miserably failed that time. I was shocked.  I decided to take the one day class with Zena.  I learned so much that day, plus my confidence was coming back again.  What I liked about her class was she gave us 3 mock state boards.  5 years ago I took a different class. It was OK at the time, but after I took Zena's class I realized how that the other class took longer and I learned less.  Zena even stayed late to teach us until we are satisfied.  I also appreciate her quick responses to my phone calls and good attentive care that you could see in the rental kit box.  It was perfect and had everything in it.

All I had to bring was my confidence!!

Thank you again & take care.

I appreciated your flexibility and reliability.

Keep up the good team work with your mom, son & hubby.

Orange County   Tomomi Norman

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 10:24:05 -0700 (PDT)

From: "Ellen Steinberg" <>

Subject:Re: J and Z Dental Rentals

To:"Zena Delling" <>

Hey Everyone!

I just passed my practical RDA exam! I'm so incredibly happy! I'd like to thank J and Z Dental Rentals for playing a huge role in my successful journey to RDA Diploma. I rented the exam kit from them and I have to admit, that was the most organized and complete kit I have ever seen! I didn't waist precious time during my exam, trying to find tools and instruments; everything was nicely packed and ready for an easy access. I'm glad I rented my kit from J and Z dental Rentals! I'd like to mention one more thing - you know how stressful it is to have any exam taken! Zena Delling, the founder and the owner of the J and Z Dental Rentals, is an absolutely wonderful and caring person! She considers every student as her own family member, helps with her valuable advice (she is an RDA!) and cheers up!  I recommend you to rent your dental kits from J and Z Dental Rentals! You won't be disappointed! Good luck!

Ellen Steinberg

From:"Hans Kuhn" <>

To:"Zena Delling" <>

Subject: Re: J and Z Dental Rental Web site

Date:Thu, 21 Aug 2008 20:13:11 -0700


I passed my practical, and I am really happy! Close to RDA! I just join all other testimonials, because they are all right! Zenia will help with any problems you might have, very helpful, really patient, she takes the time to help correct the mistakes you make. On the day of the RDA Practical Examination she reviews some things that are very helpful during your examination. During her classes, she even has coffee,muffins,fruits,etc.for you to enjoy the course and to be full.  Worked hard on practice days, but was easy on exam. The kit that I rented from her was very full of supplies and she reviews what is in the kit so that you are not missing anything during the RDA Practical Examination. It is a good investment and worth every penny for thorough and good quality training. I would recommend Zenia for everybody who needs to take exam.

Good luck,Zenia!


Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 14:32:11 -0700 (PDT)

From: "Elnaz Rashidipour" <>

Subject: Elnaz Rashidipour Testimonal Letter for Rental Kits


Hi Zena,

I wanted to tell you how great your renter kit was. It was so organized, clean, labeled, and easy to follow through. I appreciate how you went through the whole kit with me before the exam making sure nothing was missing and making sure everything was there. I recommended 2 of my friends to you and it was great that you rented out the kits to them and they loved it. They too highly recommend these kits to anyone.  I was so stressed out that day that it was great how you and your mother calmed me down. I appreciate all your help and I would highly recommend your kits to


Thank you again. God bless you!

Elnaz Rashidipour


Date:Thu, 8 May 2008 14:08:10 -0700 (PDT)

From:"Carl Vincent Gounlong" <>

Subject:You are my hero........

To:"Zena Delling" <>

Dearest Zena,

I don't know how to thank you for your class. You are God sent to me. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for teaching me the skills to pass my RDA Practical Exam. So may the Good Lord & Savior reward you with His endless blessings upon you & your family.  Zena before I took your RDA Practical Review Class, I did not have any confidence that I could pass the RDA Practical Examination, but after just 2 days with you, your one to one guidance, patience & the love you show to each one of us; it made the difference and gave me the confidence I needed to pass. Just as the saying goes; “People don't care how much you know, until they see how much you care” and we all see that in you. Your goal was not only to see each one of us pass the State exam but to be one of the best RDA in our field of profession.  And guess what? With God's blessings & your coaching, I passed my practical exam in 1 try. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. You should see my temporary crown, it is a masterpiece!  Oh Gee, I am so happy words couldn't express it.  I recommended you & your class to the teacher of the ROP-RDA Prep class I attended.  Your RDA Practical exam Renter Box is the most complete kit I ever seen. I know this for a fact because I attended previously a Practical review class and their  Renter kit is no comparison to yours. You have everything from mask, gloves, 25 mixing tips (imagine that), extra screws for both Ant. & post. teeth, flashlight, extra battery charger, extra acrylic impression material, lg, med. & Sm shofu polishing tip & etc. One can relax & have peace of mind renting your kit, how can one ignore that benefit.  Looking forward to attend the written exam class & of course with God's blessing & you’re coaching, passing it in 1 try. Amen!

Love & Care,

Carl Gounlong

Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 12:39:44 -0700 (PDT)


Subject:Thank you

Dear Zena,

I put myself in your hands, when I took your training seminar for my RDA Practical Exam on February the 2nd of this year 2008. My experience was better than I could ever imagine.  First of all, the first time I talked to you, you were very pleasant and helpful. You made me feel so welcome like if I had already know you. You answered all my one thousand and one questions that I bombarded you with and you were happy to answer them all.  Secondly, the two day seminar hands on training, was the best decision I ever made. I have been in Dentistry for 10 years and I never had the confidence that I do now. . The techniques, knowledge and "Patience" that you have and provided every student with, was the most rewarding to me.  Finally, the day of the test the kit that I rented from your company was in excellent condition the materials were more then I needed and knowing that you were there for me the whole time made me feel so much at ease.  To all does Dental Assistants that are not sure if they know if they are prepared to take the RDA Practical or the RDA Written State Board Examination or if you are  nervous about taking your RDA exam I want to encourage you to sign up  with "J&Z" Dental Clinical Seminars  TODAY!

Zena is all you need.

-She will guide you

-She will train you

-She will give you the tools

-She will give you the confidence

And above all she will give you the support you need.

Zena you have gone above and beyond to train me and I want to "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart for your knowledge, patience’s, support and friendship. I love you. You are a remarkable person and human being I am so honor to have met you.  And that said I like to Informed you that”""I PASS MY RDA PRACTICAL""""THANKS TO YOU!!!!!


Laura Herrera

Date:Fri, 8 Feb 2008 15:33:00 -0800 (PST)

From:"brynne saunders" <>

Subject:outstanding service

To: "Zena Delling" <>

I just wanted to say how happy I was that I chose to go with Zena Delling for my RDA practical kit. Not only did my kit have more than enough of everything I needed for my test in it, everything was handled with a personal touch that you rarely see these days. I felt like I had a friend there with me on what turned out to be one of the most stressful days of my life. I honestly feel that I wouldn't have done as well if I had decided to use someone else for my kit. I ended up being almost late to my test due to traffic, and Zena was on the phone with me and calmed me down, and she was there at the college to meet me when I arrived and calmed me down further. I was so glad that she was there with me. Also, some of the other girls at the test were saying that their kits didn't have everything that they needed in it, and that it  might have affected the outcome of the test for them. Having my totally complete kit was just one less thing to worry about on a day I didn't need any more stress. She goes above and beyond what is required of her job, and I will recommend her to anyone I know who is going to take the RDA.

Brynne Saunders  RDA

Shannon Coronado RDA

Dear Zena,

Hi there, its Shannon Coronado.  I rented a kit from you back in Nov. 2007.  I'd just like to thank you for allowing me to rent a kit from you for the RDA practical exam.  You were easy to contact and easy to work with and I am eternally grateful.  Your dedication and thoroughness helped me out so much.  I appreciate the way in which you reviewed with me the contents of my kit before I entered the building.  It also helped that you were located right outside the test facility.  You were so easy to find.  I am so thankful that I did not have to enter into the utter chaos that was going on inside with all the other exam-takers renting and picking up their kits.  Let me tell you, it was a mess in there.  People were everywhere.  It was madness, but not with you.  You attended me promptly and one on one, and that helped so much.  So thank you so much for making my otherwise chaotic day less chaotic.  I truly believe that the ease of our meeting in the morning helped me pass my exam!  And I have friends that plan on taking the RDA Exam soon and I will recommend to all of them that they rent from you.

Thanks again!

Shannon Coronado RDA

Heather M.  Jacobs

Registered Dental Assistant

To Whom It May Concern:

In my early years of dental assisting education Zena Delling was my RDA instructor of the written and practical preparation courses.  I truly feel that Zena’s

guidance helped open the door to my success with the RDA exams.  I feel so blessed that I got to meet her and acquire such knowledge and confidence

through her.  I strongly respect her as a professional as well as a mentor.  August 12, 2007, was the day of my practical exam at USC.  I rented the kit that J&Z Dental offers for the practical exam.  I was very pleased with this thoroughly prepared kit for such an affordable price.  The kit was equipped with clean instruments, up to date materials, and back up supplies.  I felt like I was more prepared than all the other hopeful Dental Assistants.  I know that Zena Delling’s heart is fully committed to helping every aspiring Registered Dental Assistant.  I hope that she can continue to provide others with the materials needed to become successful participants.  I strongly encourage you to consider J&Z Dental as a primary provider of examination rental kits for all future credentialing events.


Heather M.  Jacobs

Registered Dental Assistant